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As much as I believe you can never have too many books, I got very tired of seeing this mess on the floor of our girls’ room.

I therefore began hunting online for a sling style bookshelf.  I finally found exactly what I wanted (shown to the right), only to discover it won’t ship to an APO address. :(

As I thought about it, I figured, a sling is made of fabric, surely I can make my own!  After much sketching and planning, here is the result, with instructions on how to make your own.

You can make it reversible, or just one layered.


Cut a rectangle of fabric twice as high as you want your bookshelf, plus 3 extra inches, and the desired length.  I’d recommend about 15″ by your length.  Most dowels are a yard long, so I found a yard to be a good length.  If you want it reversible, or are using a thinner fabric cut two layers woven (not stretchy) fabric.  If applying appliques, do so now. For a single layered bookshelf, fold the sides over your seam allowance twice and iron . Stitch along the pressed seam.

If doing two layers, pin them together, right sides together and sew around all four edges, leaving an area of around 5″ open to turn the bookshelf right way round.

Turned the right way, before stitching all they way round.  (This is the one for the giveaway!)

Fold in the seam allowance at the opening and pin closed.  Stitch the opening closed and continue stitching all the way round, top stitching the bookshelf. It adds strength and helps the edges to lie flat.

For a single layer, fold over a small seam allowance and press, then fold over about an inch and press again. Stitch down, close to the inner fold, creating a tube to slide the wooden dowel through.

For a reversible sling, fold over one inch and pin / press. Stitch it down, once again, towards the inner edge, to create the tube for the dowel.

All complete! To assemble, just insert two wooden dowel rods and attach to hooks on the wall.  I use the center support for curtain rods as they are long and have two grooves.

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