What do you do when your daughter suddenly finds all non-pink pants ‘not pretty’?  What do you do with all her drawings lying around the house?

You can turn her pants into a display board for her artwork!  

To make the pants I cut up an old pair of my husband’s pants and used one of my favorite commercial patterns, from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love. I have used many patterns from the book, but this one alone makes the book worth buying. I altered it slightly, removing some of the leg flare.

I have made numerous pants and jeans for both my girls using this pattern, all great hits, and easy for them to take on and off themselves due to the elastic waist.  I find potty training with zippers and buttons on pants to be a very frustrating task for all concerned.

She is so proud of her pants now, and happily tells any admirer that she drew the caterpillar and butterfly, “Because a caterpillar becomes a butterfly!”

You can use the same concept to personalize store bought t-shirts.  Just cut out their picture, trace it onto fabric, cut out again and sew it onto the clothing using a narrow zigzag stitch.  I don’t even use interfacing for my applique if the main fabric is a medium to heavy weight fabric.

Do you have any novel ideas for displaying your child’s artwork?

2 Responses to “Artwork Pants”

  1. Such a creative idea!

  2. Thanks Melissa! I just love how proud she is of her caterpillar and butterfly.

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